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No More Excuses

October 8th, 2007
This is a very interesting blog that talks about blogging, i.e. it takes all your excuses for not blogging and shoots them down! I have to say that I saw a lot of myself in the excuses he lists for not blogging. Hopefully this will encourage me to blog more. (It got me to write this blog!)

Applescript Language Guide

January 1st, 2006

Guitar Noise

July 20th, 2005
Great site with lots of lessons on learning to play the guitar.


May 8th, 2005
Check out this site. It has an amazing collection of beautiful icons for the Mac OSX as well as icons and backgrounds for Windows also. You have to see these icons! wow!

Same Scheidt, Different Day

April 20th, 2005
The blog of a good friend of mine.