May 16th, 2005
If you are trying to get yourself in shape, it pays to know the nutritional content of the food you are eating This site gives you detailed information on many types of food. It also includes the nutritional content of many fast food restraunts (see the sidebar on the right side of the page).


May 8th, 2005
Check out this site. It has an amazing collection of beautiful icons for the Mac OSX as well as icons and backgrounds for Windows also. You have to see these icons! wow!

Bit Torrent

May 5th, 2005
A great program for P2P transferring of LARGE files. It is frequently used to distribute Linux distributions (as well as a lot of illegal content). Since this program distributes the downloads, the MORE people that are using it, the FASTER your download is. Worth a try!


April 22nd, 2005
This is an interesting site. You basically join the group and post messages offering to give away stuff you don't want anymore. You have to be willing to give it away without requiring anything in return. It gives you a chance to clear some of the junk out of your house and give it to someone who can use it. Recommended!

Berkeley DB

April 21st, 2005
An excellent, embedded database. Used by a large number of Linux projects.


April 21st, 2005
An excellent, free libary for handling all things XML. Provides support for just about every XML feature you can imagine.

Mandrake/Mandriva Linux

April 20th, 2005
Originally known as Mandrake Linux, they recently changed their name to Mandriva Linux, for legal reasons. This is a great Linux distribution to get if you want ease of use and many features.

Same Scheidt, Different Day

April 20th, 2005
The blog of a good friend of mine.

Red Hat

April 20th, 2005
The most well-known Linux distribution around. It offers plenty of paid support options for businesses as well as excellent interoperability with such systems as Oracle.

Arch Linux

April 20th, 2005
This is the version of Linux that I'm running right now. It's very minimalist, but it's a great distribution to use if you want to learn a lot about Linux. See my review of this distribution.